Requesting a Dream

Send a letter to Spread A Little Joy Foundation explaining your dream/wish
request. The request must be made by the patient, an immediate family member, or a close family friend. Please describe the wish, and the importance and meaning of this memory-making event to you or to the patient.We ask for two potential dreams. Fill out the form to the right or E-mail to:

 All requests will be read by our executive board and responded to immediately. We realize time is an important factor for our dreamers.

When submitting a dream request, you have the option whether to allow Spread A Little Joy permission to share your name, however, if you choose not to share your name, we must still be able to put your dream on our site and our network in order to get assistance making your dream come true. Wishes are granted as donors are found and/or funds are raised for each wish request. Criteria for potential "Dreamers"-the patient must be diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer in order to have a dream submitted.

The dream must be the recipient's dream. Sometimes as loved ones, we will have a vision of something we would like to see the dream recipient have or achieve but this is not necessarily the recipients' dream. 

We are unable to assist with medical bills or patient living expenses.Spread A Little Joy is not about aiding with life's necessities, but rather finding joy at a difficult time.

A few things we cannot do:

We are unable to grant wishes involving:
*       Purchase of an automobile, motorcycle, boat or RV
*       Cash
*       Real Estate
*       Money for medical treatments/medical supplies/equipment/payments due
*       Money for legal assistance/attorney fees
*       Utility bills
*       Debts owed

Potential Donors/Dream Makers

If you would like to send a donation to help grant a particular wish please use our easy Paypal button or contact us at: Please put the name of the person you wish your funds to assist. If you wish to donate generically, please know that you will receive a note letting you know exactly where your donation went and the dreamer it helped.

Southwest Airlines frequent flyer vouchers are greatly appreciated and needed for most of our wish requests. If you have a transferable voucher that you would like to donate from Southwest or any other airline, please contact us via our email:


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